What Do We Do?

We use media and the arts to highlight ongoing injustices and conflict around the world. We then take our StreetTeam and advocate on behalf of the women suffering from these injustices - spreading tales of their nightmares to those in a place to help them. We use this advocacy movement to fuel inspiring projects in these countries.

It's Decision Time

There comes a time when we must all make the decision to stand up for something. We've decided to stand up for the human rights and safety of women around the world. In too many places, women are in danger. Targeting women is nothing new, but the extent to which it is being used in conflict zones around the world today has greatly escalated, particularly in the last few years.

As young people in an increasingly smaller global community we need to take it upon ourselves to DO something, to be BRAVE, to STAND up, and to BELIEVE that our actions - however small - add up to an unstoppable tide of change.

Our team works tirelessly to spread awareness of the issues of violence and injustice facing thousands of women around the world and to develop innovative, sustainable and meaningful projects in countries where it is DANGEROUS to be a woman.

So its decision time friends...will you join us in this tide of change for women around the world?