Volunteers and Interns are crucial to our mission. They form the majority of our team and we work hard to ensure that the experience is a fun, life-changing and professional experience in a flexible work-environment.

Local Volunteering

If you’re not able to commit to the time-commitment of an internship and you’re looking for war to get involved, volunteering with us is the way to go!

We invite persons from all walks of like to volunteer with us:

-       College students
-       Recent graduates
-       Professionals
-       Retired Persons
-       Post-graduate students

For more information on how you can volunteer with us in the US and become an indispensable part of the team, shoot an email to info@womeninwarzones.org.

If you are ready to jump right in, fill in our online application form NOW.

Field Volunteering

A huge part of our mission is to engage people willing and able to help, and bring the realities of life for women in war zones, to people around the world. What better way to do that than to bring you guys to the women themselves.

Working in the field is tough. It’s not a cake walk. But what makes it all the better is seeing for yourself the good that is being done for the women and  becoming a part of the WiWZ family, where we protect and care for each other all day every day.

What can field volunteers do? Anything under the sun! Construction work, lead seminars, teach English, teach prenatal and health-care, dance under the Congolese sun and have a life-changing experience surrounded by some of the strongest women in the world today.

Contact dominique@womeninwarzones.org for more information about volunteering in the field.


Needless to say our interns do not just pour coffee or make copies. Our interns make us who we are!

Whether you’re interested in interning in the field or locally, we have a place for you.  With three local sessions, and two abroad sessions annually, we’re constantly in recruitment mode.

Contact marie@womeninwarzones.org for more information on how YOU can become a part of the team.

Click HERE for our online application form.